The Foundation

The International Studies Foundation forms an integral part of the overall mission of CIS – The College for International Studies. Our mission is to strengthen the bonds between both countries, as well as share and spread the values of American higher education, as well as to serve as a point of contact between universities, public and private education institutions, corporations, and foundations operating within the realm of education in the US and in Spain.

Our Projects

The International Studies Foundation runs Sports and Achievement Academies in several states within the US in partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation.  We also direct other sports-related projects involving social integration in Miami.  We work directly with the American Embassy in Madrid to offer the Access program.  We are the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights foundation’s principal Spanish partner for their STTP program, and we have joined forces with the municipal government of Miami for our “Way of Saint James” program in which children between the ages of seven and 12 participate.


Each year our foundation offers a number of scholarships for undergraduate students to attend CIS – The College for International Studies. We highly recommend submitting scholarship request forms as early as possible simply due to overwhelming demand.

Our Work

We work with young children via constructive activities that encourage teamwork and improve overall health by promoting healthy habits and reinforcing self-esteem. .


Operamos al máximo nivel académico, empresarial, institucional y diplomático; y promovemos iniciativas, programas, actividades, diálogos e intercambios que, además de fortalecer la formación universitaria, beneficien a toda la sociedad.


We build and maintain relationships with other universities and colleges, public and private institutions, and with noteworthy individuals in all professional settings in order to foster a cultural exchange.  Our mission is to encourage an intercultural exchange and to meet the objectives of the Foundation.

The Global Compact

The International Studies Foundation has made the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact part of its strategy, culture, and daily activities, always opting for transparency in all of our relationships, both with our employees and with our students and staff.  The Global Compact is an international initiative put into place by the United Nations.  It aims to achieve voluntary commitment by institutions when it comes to social responsibility, through the implementation of ten principles that are based on human rights, workers’ rights, environmental awareness and protection, as well as anti-corruption.

More than 15.000.000 of young

people at risk of social exclusion in Spain and the US

10 years

developing education projects

Benefiting more than 5,000

children and young adults

More than 50 collaborators

in our projects

Robert F. Kennedy Foundation

The International Studies Foundation works with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights foundation defending human rights through several programs.

Fundación Real Madrid

La Fundación International Studies colabora con la Fundación Real Madrid en sus proyectos de Escuelas Sociodeportivas ,principalmente en el entorno de Miami.

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