“Soccer at the Parks” Program

In January 2017, the International Studies Foundation in collaboration with The City of Miami Parks & Recreations department, Soccer Communities of America and International Finance Bank, created the “Soccer at the Parks” Program as an initiative to provide free recreational soccer trainning to kids between the ages of 6 and 14.

The program is held in different public parks of the city of Miami, welcoming all the children from these areas to participate.

The Mission of the program is to unite communities by bringing people together in a safe and healthy environment through soccer while promoting unique learning opportunities such as team-work and healthy habits and nutrition.

Value-based instruction, healthy living and teamwork through sport.

The formula is simple – use the power of Soccer and bring it to the community to enrich the lives of children by removing economic obstacles and make it into the family schedule as a recreational or weekend activity.

Our program, funded by sponsors and foundations, provides the financial resources to provide Free recreational trainings and all the benefits that soccer has to offer.

The program is currently taking part in two parks of the City of Miami:

  • Roberto Clemente Park
  • Robert King High Park

Vision: The long-term vision of this program is to continue expanding to other parts of the city, increasing the number of beneficiaries and creating soccer leagues between the different parks to bring all the families together and educate these children in human values thought soccer.

Sports and Achivement Academies with Real Madrid Foundation

The International Studies Foundation and the Real Madrid Foundation have created the Sports and Achievement Academies in the US for children with limited economic and social resources.

The program’s objective is to enhance the student’s education in life values as well as their soccer training. Participating children will also learn about moral values, gender equality, social integration and healthy habits.

In collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation.

Currently, the Sports and Achievement Academies Program is being developed in two public schools of Florida for underprivileged children between the ages of 7 and 13. The academies are completely free for all the 120 children who take part in the Program.

These schools are located at the Ernest R. Graham K-8 Center in Hialeah and the Kensington Park Elementary School. With the collaboration of the local government, this program will also be implemented at the Kendall Campus (Miami Dade College).

The Program is designed to offer children the opportunity to enhance their education in sports and moral values in partnership with one of the best soccer organizations in the world.

The project is sponsored by Fundación Mapfre. LINK