The Foundation

The Foundation’s objective is to further enhance the efforts of CIS – The College for International Studies, as well as other educational projects, promoting initiatives and partaking in actions that strengthen higher education and benefit society.

Creation of the Foundation in Spain

The International Studies Foundation is a non-profit organization. It was founded in 2007 in Spain by CIS –  The College for International Studies, along with a group of individuals who currently sit on the Foundation’s board. The foundation is in full compliance with the Spanish law (Ley 50/2002 del 26 de diciembre de Fundaciones).

Spanish Registration

The Foundation was officially registered as a non-profit organization with the Spanish Government on 11/12/2007, number 1015. This means that it is recognized by the Spanish Government as a private legal entity that pursues ends of general interest.

Creation of the Foundation in the US

The International Studies Foundation (EIN 45-5066140) was registered in Washington DC with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Corporation Division on April of 2012 as a non-profit organization (registration number N00004550114).

US Registry

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has awarded the International Studies Foundation USA Inc. charity public organization status under section code 501 (c) 3. This implies the exemption from public taxes and tax deductions for the received donations .

  • To create and strengthen bonds between the US and Spain by taking full advantage of the opportunities and support available by the respective embassies of both nations.
  • To develop and expand partnerships between the embassies of other countries with which we work in order to develop, promote and grow this project.
  • To develop projects that help to discover and strengthen talent in developing countries where we work.
  • To encourage meetings with public and private institutions associated with the American higher education model.
  • To foster a relationship with American universities and colleges in the US, the International Studies Foundation USA Inc and the Fundación International Studies in Spain.


Objectives linking the US and Spain


Educational objectives.

  • To implement a plan for the promotion of research studies, as well as to promote and support publications related to the social objectives of the Foundation.
  • To create an activity plan to relate to the American business community.
  • To encourage social awareness and social responsibility in CIS students through their involvement in the Foundation activities and charitable initiatives.
  • To foster educational and training programs in moral standards, working with children and young people, to help their social integration, access and progress in the educational system.
  • To create a scholarship program based on academic performance and economic status.
  • To develop an activity plan that encourages an approach to the American entrepreneurial world.
  • To Support and work on international development projects associated with teaching, training, and education in a general sense.
  • Social charitable contributions to be determined based on each individual case.


Educational objectives.

2017-2020 PLAN

View our plan for the next three years.


The Foundation is supported by CIS – The College for International Studies, as well as maintained and funded by its backers, partners, supporters, and other sources of revenues from its activities.

  • Donations from corporations and foundations in addition to individuals.
  • Grants from public institutions.
  • Contributions from CIS and its directors.
  • Cooperative agreements with other institutions.
  • Income from Foundation activities, such as lectures, conferences, auctions, charity breakfasts, lunches, and benefit dinners, among others.

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